Photo Board
Parents are encouraged to bring a small picture of their child to be placed on our photo board. The board is displayed at all of our meetings and special functions.

Birthday Table
If it is your child’s birthday month, we invite you to come to our meeting and share their story! Birthdays hold treasured memories and are especially difficult for surviving parents and siblings; TCF offers a wonderful place to honor and celebrate the precious life-story of your loved one. Taking a few minutes to share a picture, a cherished gift or even their favorite toy is a gentle reminder to all that love continues and grows with each passing year. If you wish you may also bring their favorite snack to share or even a birthday cake!

Lending Library
As we make this personal journey through life, the words and insight of others can provide understanding, hope and guidance. Please feel free to browse through the selection of books and pamphlets available in our Lending Library. All books may be borrowed for a limited time so they are available for other parents.

Books can be donated to our library too! Please place your child’s name and dates inside the cover. This is a great way to honor your child and share with other bereaved families.

The quarterly newsletter contains articles and poems of comfort and hope, submissions from members of TCF and Children’s name and dates

Love Gifts
It is a wonderful way to remember and honor your child’s memory. Many families often submit these either on the birthday or anniversary date of their child, but it can be done at any time! All donations are tax deductible.

Donations help with the expenses of keeping our Eastern Jackson County chapter functioning.

Meeting Space and refreshments
Postage for mailing newsletters to non-internet families
Website expenses
Brochures and information to new families/supporting families
December Candle Lighting – candles, printing and guest speakers

Love Gifts can be mailed to:
The Compassionate Friends
6200 Kentucky Ave
Raytown, MO 64133

Donations are the chapter’s sole source of income.
Thank you for your support!


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